I´ m Tiinamari Harjula, hoopers & agility coach from Finland. Me and my dogs travel quite a lot all over the Europe so if you are intrested about my coaching don´´ t hesitate to put e-mail for me! Next travel to Central-Europe will be in the end of this year (2023).

My passion is to find maximal potential from all types of dogs in agility and hoopers. I love to help people to find the connection and teach skills for different type of dogs. As a coach I´´ m happy & chill and for me the most important thing is that handlers are enjoying the training sessions with their dogs.

At the moment I have four dogs; mudi, bordercollie and two papillons and I do agility & hoopers with all of them. You can find us from instagram where you can see our daily life and training hoopers & agility.

I compete with my dogs in agility class 3 and will start also competing in hoopers when competitions arrive in Finland.

E-mail: tiinamari.harjula (at)